Our Services

Our Services.

As professionals in the consultancy sector, we are committed to ensuring the success of our clients’ businesses. We aim to develop and deliver flexible, timely and innovative solutions, bespoke to the needs and objectives of our clients and by always adhering to our core values.


Software Selection Consultancy

Purchasing large and complex systems directly affect how organisations conduct business, as they require significant investments in time and money. Additionally, organisations must correctly choose a solution that not only satisfies current needs but also supports future growth.

There are several different software on the market that promise to give you a solution to all your problems but each one of them has its own strengths but also weaknesses. Understanding correctly what these are means laying down the groundwork for a successful implementation for the long term. Spending the time to ‘do it right’ the first time can save time, money, and increase employee satisfaction.

How can we help?

Requirements Analysis: We work with you to identify your current and future business requirements from both a functional and technical perspective. We can observe the way your organisation operates, compare it to others, streamline your requirements optimising your ROI.

RFP Development and Vendor Selection: We help you perform a market scan to identify, evaluate and short-list vendors for your proposed enterprise systems implementation. We further assist you with RFP development and vendor negotiations while providing you with the needed insight to make informed decisions when committing to vendor proposed solutions and their projected return on investment.

Choosing the right technology can be challenging!

Navigating the maritime technology market is a challenge. Your selection project is a key opportunity to secure the best product and service fit, so this is the time to invest in clear understanding and focused decision-making.

“Our long experience in observing and servicing numerous businesses in the industry, our constant research for new tools on the market and the extensive network allows us to reach the target efficiently without delays and avoiding hidden costs.”

Implementation Support & Training

Once the selection process has been completed every organisation will enter in a second very critical phase, the implementation.
In fact, it is not uncommon that companies find themselves dropping the new solution after as short as 12-18months because ROI doesn’t materialise due to poor implementation.

The most common reason for an unsuccessful implementation is because often shipping companies underestimate the effort needed to roll out new solutions, this often results in cutting corners or spreading the effort over a too long period of time, requiring the end users to extra hours to avoid disruptions in the core business.

Our expert project managers can take care of this, planning and monitoring the project, liaising with the solution providers and making sure to minimise if not exclude any delay, all of this while your team is still focusing on safely running your ships.

Choice is made but how can you implement without loosing the focus on the core business?

We help you plan and implement your chosen IT systems. With our specialised implementation and project management services, we can oversee matters independently and give the project management needed to ensure that your system implementation stays on track and delivers the expected benefits.

System Review

To maximise productivity and efficiency is key to reach your business targets.
Did you implement a system widely used in the industry but this seems to not work for you? Your procedures have changed since the implementation and now your software seems outdated?

With years of experience in supporting companies, our consultants can review your system and work with you to ensure that you have the best possible solution and processes in place to keep your business running smoothly

A fresh, independent and expert point of view
A small investment to achieve big improvement and avoid inefficiencies

Not sure you are using the system to its fullest? it’s s time for an health check!

Our consultant starts by establishing the status quo along and what is and isn’t working so well. We hear it with a fresh perspective and from your point of view. We apply our specialist system knowledge to explore the foundations of how your system has been built and we’ll look at how it could be used better.

Application Management

We believe in tailor made solutions, our scoping focuses on determining the activities that will be managed by indeets on your behalf and those which you retain. Pick the level that better fits your strategy.

Fully Managed

The Application Management team will guaranteed responses and performances measured through SLA. We are proactive in realising potential issues before they affect business operations and ensure ongoing system maintenance through upgrades, patches and testing.
Regular reports for your management to easily review improvements, ROI and performance.

The service can be delivered onsite at all time, or remotely from our office which will allow you to sensibly lower the cost of ownership of your application

Is running your system too expensive?

We understand that to manage the ‘Business as Usual’ is the backbone of operating a successful company.
Our experts are on hand – so you don’t have to be experts!
Indeets Application Management service is led by experienced consultants who diagnose, correct and develop your systems to ensure optimal processes. We ensure productivity is maximised by ensuring system health.

Bespoke Projects

The whole reason for us to embark in this journey is to find new ways to improve and modernize the industry and maritime is a vast market with a huge potential for technological improvements.

If you have a very specific problem to overcome or your company is looking for a partner to help transforming a new idea in reality, we would be proud to support your organization and thanks to our researchers and extended network we will make sure you’ll be able to achieve your targets.

Unique targets or out of the box attitude?

Some ideas cannot be put on a service list.
Our team of researchers and consultants is eager to push the boundaries and support your company in such endeavours.