D20.004.04 RFP101

Procurement and Implementation of Crewing Solution

For any question or information please send an email to rfp_d20004@indeets.com

Questions from Vendors

Q. How many office users will utilize the solution?
A. Three (3) office users to start with, but if the solution will allow the possibility for 3rd parties (ie Manning Agencies) to access, then the number may be increased.

Q. What is the nationality of your crew?
A. Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and Croatia.

Q. Will be required to migrate data from your existing systems?
A. Yes. The migration of contracts, history, documentation, appraisals and more is a requirement.

Q.Where is the buyer located?
A. Cyprus

Q. How many ships is the Buyer managing?
A. Currently 4 with a very probable expansion in 2021 (approx. 10)

Q. Is the buyer the owner of those ships?
A. No the buyer is a shipmanagement company and ships are under full technical management agreement.

Q. How many people on board?
A. Minimum crew for the ships is 12, but they are running with a crew of 16.

Q. What type of ships are part of the scope?
A. Multipurpose container vessels, gross tonnage GT 5338

Q. Can you expand on the question “Can the software manage job applications?
A. The Buyer is looking for some basic functionality to store all the information coming from the various applicants sending CVs looking for jobs, and eventually a workflow to go through the various steps that may lead the applicant to get a contract offered (create record(s), review of the application, approvals, Issue contract or reject).

Q. Can you expand on question 34 “Is it possible for the end-users to visualize dashboards?
A. We don’t have a predefined list of dashboards, but what we were thinking when writing the question was more a tool for the office users to clearly identify general information like, for example:  How many applications are waiting for approval, how many contracts waiting for feedback,  how many active seafarers by role are available, how many awaiting approvals.. etc etc
If your system does have dashboard capabilities please just let us know what dashboards are available and if eventually is possible to create more by the user or via customization.

Q. Can you expand on question 11 “Can the software generate recruitment requests to be issued to agencies?”
A. In the past we saw some functionality where users could create a sort of Job Requisition in the system, select the manning agencies from a list and the system will automatically send them a message and collect the replies.  A little bit like a Requisition order but for seafarers instead of spare parts.  Please note this is not a core requirement as these things generally happen easily via email, but still, if the functionality exists we would like to see it.