Software Selection Consulting.

Software Selection.

There are several different software on the market that promise giving you a solution to your problems, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. Correctly understanding them and ‘doing it right’ the first time can save time, money, and increase employee satisfaction.

Software consulting services help you focus on what you really need and align technology, operational and financial objectives.

 Process Review: Software tools may lead you to same results, but they all do it in a different way, and not all of them are the right fit for your organization. We can review your processes and based on what we see we can suggest which solution suits better your company.
 Requirements Analysis: We work with you to identify your current and future business requirements from both a functional and technical perspective. We can observe the way your organisation operates, compare it to others, streamline your needs, optimising your ROI.
 RFP Development and Vendor Selection: We help you perform a market scan to identify, evaluate and short-list vendors for your proposed enterprise systems implementation. We further assist you with RFP development and vendor negotiations while providing you with the needed insight to make informed decisions when committing to vendor proposed solutions and their projected return on investment.

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