Business Process Review.

Business Process Review.

Our process and procedure reviews are a thorough, top-down look at a company’s processes. They are frequently performed to give management and ownership assurance that the business is being run in the most efficient way possible.

Shipping companies are complex organizations, usually comprising of several department with an operations constantly evolving to keep up with new regulations and market changes. This may lead to processes developing in isolation and not always working efficiently with the rest of operations.
We can help you bringing all the pieces together and boost your business.

A process/procedure review isn’t limited to the usage of software tools and may include some or all of the following:

 Interviews with management and team to discuss their duties and responsibilities
 Review and evaluation of forms and documents
 Evaluation of technology
 Evaluation of internal controls and staffing levels
 Evaluation of internal and external requirements

Our process improvement consulting deliverable is a report that outlines:
 Potential opportunities to improve and/or streamline internal processes and procedures
 Recommendations for other opportunities to improve the company’s business processes

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