Application Management.

Application Management.

We believe in tailor-made solutions, providing a wide variety of application services, processes and methodologies to help you maintain, enhance and manage your software.

Ready-To-Go Teams

From short-term tasks, recurring projects to full-time contract work.

Build Now, No Hiring

An agile team adjusted to your requirements, size, competencies, and used methodology.

Flexibility & Speed
Rapidly scale your delivery up and down, at the flick of a switch. Turn due dates into done dates, and fixed hiring and salary costs into variable.

Highly-vetted global talent pool
Our Elastic Teams are vetted through a rigorous four-stage qualification process. We cover 90% of active development technologies. Dynamically composing the team based on your desired outcomes.

Proven QA Process and Security
Our UK based QA Team runs our process going well beyond standard industry practices. With every project owner able to choose their security level we can cater all the way up to SC or DV standards.

Fully managed outcomes
Every project is managed by our UK based delivery team. We have a 98% on-time delivery rate and guarantee pre-defined development outcomes.

The Application Management team will guaranteed responses and performances measured through SLA. We are proactive in realising potential issues before they affect business operations and ensure ongoing system maintenance through upgrades, patches and testing.
Regular reports for your management to quickly review improvements, ROI and performance.

The service can be delivered onsite at all time or remotely from our office, this last option will allow you to sensibly lower the cost of ownership of your application. As always ad-hoc hybrid delivery plans can be defined to fully match current situation, allow for special events or unusual spike of work, all of this guaranteeing the lowest possible cost and the best possible outcome.

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