About the Company

Indeets Consulting ltd. is a consulting firm founded in Cyprus, with worldwide operations, software expert of the Maritime Industry.
We provide high-quality expertise in selecting and running IT solutions for the maritime industry.

We work with senior executives and business leaders to accelerate and facilitate the strategic sourcing of software, with the declared intent of delivering reliable and commercially viable solutions to our Customers thanks to our experience and connections made in over 17 years in the industry.

Digitalizing your business is the way forward in any industry but especially in the maritime sector where a better decision can be made leveraging on the immense amount of data produced everyday, and the technological tools currently available. When used intelligently, this can lead to a significant increase in productivity and cost reductions.
Nowadays, hundreds of options could be seen on the market and, for this reason, is not always easy to find the right solution for your business. In this scenario, any company takes a high risk of undergoing through an expensive task if not done efficiently.

Our mission is to help you throughout your digital evolution journey, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your core business which will always be to run your ships safely and profitably.

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