Best tools to keep your DB healthy.

Best tools to keep your DB healthy.

In modern shipping, an organization can install and use the DBMS as delivered, but will quickly recognize that the functionality needed to effectively support large-scale database development is not provided adequately by the RDBMS alone or by the out of the box software which is handling the data.

The administration and maintenance of database applications is time-consuming if you use only the standard features of the DBMS or features coming along with the software your company is working with. Fortunately, many tools that enhance the functionality of relational database management systems are available from third party vendors. These tools ease the administrative burden and reduce the possibilities of database error but they also allow you to handle large amounts of data while performing bulk based operations such as massive data insertions or massive data duplication removal.

It’s estimated that, poor data management costs, yearly, over 3 trillion dollars in US only and, on top of that, we shouldn’t underestimate the fact that a company may go on with bad data for years but, sooner or later, will have to deal with it and, at that stage, amending costs will be multiplied several times.

Let’s go for a simple example to understand what a single address duplication may cost to be amended. The estimation for a record removal and the consequential data reconciliation is between 10 and 20 US dollars.

What just described is just the top of the iceberg. Costs due to bad database maintenance are hiding everywhere along the business process.
When bad data is spreading among the ships, the amount of time and energies devoted by a system administrator may reach up to the 80% of their time leaving very little time to analyzing data and implementing new important functionalities which could positively affect other business areas of the company.
Costs raises, productivity and innovation dramatically decrease.
Avoiding this scenario is not easy, especially when you already have many years of bad data management behind you but, it’s not impossible.

Larger shipping company have now realized the importance of having reliable data always available, and for this reason they have started hiring database engineers and data scientist, in many case changing their organization to accommodate a dedicated team.

Even if profitable on the long term, the initial cost of the above setup could be an immediate “show-stopper” for a medium to small company. A way out this apparently vicious circle is to be supported by an expert partner who can take in charge this delicate task, allowing the shipping company to obtain the same results, while keeping the costs down and without taking precious resources away from the actual ship management.

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Alberto Rinaldo
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