Without cloud computing you would now be in even deeper trouble.

Without cloud computing, businesses would now be in even deeper trouble.    

According to Canalys—  an analyst firm— $107 billion were spent on cloud-computing services all over the world last year. That amount is 37% more than in 2018. It is predicted that public cloud services will rise to 17% this year, totalling $266.4 billion. With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way businesses run and employees work, the investment in cloud computing has allowed the transition to working from home happen relatively smoothly for many companies. If the Coronavirus had hit in 2010, businesses would have been in even bigger trouble, with only $6,300 a year being spent on cloud computing during that time. (Source: ZDNet)

The article from ZDNet goes on describing the various achievements of companies that have invested in Cloud on time but then specifies that:

“…cloud computing isn’t yet ubiquitous. Important pockets of resistance remain, not least the plethora of legacy applications that are hard to re-platform to cloud infrastructures”

is the Shipping Industry one of those pockets of resistance? or Shipmanagers are finally embracing new technologies because understanding their value?

Chances are that most of the software you are currently using, especially if we are talking about Planned Maintenance System, Procurement and Logistic solutions, these will be based on a heavy client-server architecture.
Most of the big historic players on the market are struggling to update their best-selling software and make them compatible with the cloud.
On the other hand, most of the new Software houses that joined the party in the last 3/4 years have started directly with modern and lighter technology but their solutions may not be mature enough for your company.

At Indeets Consulting (indeets.com) we have successfully implemented several cloud solutions. Our consultants will review your business and guide you through choosing the best options for you.
Did you know for example that your old client-server application could be virtualised at a fraction of the cost compared to replacing it completely? And this will still give you most of the advantages of a cloud solution.
Contact us if you would like to know more.

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Finally, why this is so important for your business?

If you’re not convinced that leveraging the cloud is a good thing to do, the Coronavirus pandemic should have convinced you that the cloud is now an essential thing to do. Even if you have desktop or older applications, you can still move them to a managed server environment. The important takeaway is that you need to have a cloud strategy for your small business going forward.

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